From drilling chemicals to cementing additives and production chemicals, Dewy Chemicals offers the widest product portfolio in the oil field chemicals in Hyderabad industry, combined with the experience, knowledge, and insight to develop quality products and ready-made solutions. We strive to be at the forefront of innovation, with a dedicated team of experts continually introducing new technologies and improving existing product lines according to the needs of this demanding industry. Our products are used throughout the oil production process in a variety of applications: corrosion inhibitors, demulsifies and paraffin dispersants drilling additives, cementing super-plasticizers and repair systems for cementing failures. We also offer an outstanding range of specialist technologies, world-scale manufacturing, a global distribution network and an in-depth understanding of regulatory compliance issues for the oil and gas industry. Huntsman is a well-placed partner for choosing the right chemical solutions to your oil field chemical and water treatment chemicals in Hyderabad needs.